Sandip Trivedi - Startup Founder

Cofounder at Quantierra and based in NYC

This site is about my interests in startups and investing.

This site is for experimenting with new software so I highly doubt anyone will actually see this page but regardless, here is some content.

I’m going to start with some Hipster Ipsum ( I know this is not very professional but this is just a test site so it’s fine.

Food truck tumeric paleo coloring book deep v post-ironic, subway tile biodiesel. Pickled hoodie offal chartreuse YOLO. Art party ethical literally venmo pop-up cred. Leggings pok pok synth selvage hammock tilde, heirloom pug bitters cornhole. Listicle taiyaki swag locavore seitan farm-to-table wolf gochujang.

I have lived all over New York City and ended up in Brooklyn, NY.

I’m an engineer and this site was created to test a variety of static site generators.

This is just an initial setup and most of the early work will be testing out different software frameworks (css and JS) and static site generators, so until I get this site’s content together, here is other places you can find me.

For professional profiles, Linkedin, Crunchbase, Angel List, F6S, Indie Hackers, Product Hunt, and Even though I have worked at or with multiple startups and worked on many products, a lot of the links contain a significant amount of information about Quantierra. Honestly, I have worked on Quantierra for so long that a lot of times when I get mentioned, they throw in Quantierra since to them that is all I have talked to them about so instead of “Sandip Trivedi etc etc”, it is “Sandip Trivedi Quantierra etc etc” or “Quantierra Sandip Trivedi etc etc”. But that is expected with a startup. Hopefully one day it will go back to being just “Sandip Trivedi” as I diversity what companies I am part of as I help out as an advisor or participate as an investor.

My company, Quantierra, also has profiles on Crunchbase, Angel List, Github, Pitchbook, and Alleywatch as well as on Twitter and Instagram. On a personal note, here is my Twitter and Instagram. Here are some of myProfessional and Startup Profiles with Quantierra in a Github Gist.

Quantierra has been fortunate enough to be funded by Y Combinator and Venture Souq.

Quantierra helped with a piece for the New York Times. It was a very interesting project.

On the technical side, I have been an instructor at General Assembly for software engineering and data science. I have some projects I have worked on with people and/or been part of on GitHub as well as a few Kaggle competitions. I try to be helpful on Stack Overflow to keep up my knowledge and continue learning. As I do more talks, most likely technical, I will be putting up my slides on Slideshare.

I have been reading a lot of books on building, growing and investing in startups and I’m starting to share some of them on Goodreads. Although I usually don’t read that make books about startups, I mainly read fiction or all different types of nonfiction. I also have been watching a lot of documentaries about startups and I am starting to share them on Letterboxd.