Sandip Trivedi - NYC based Cofounder at Quantierra

Again, I know no one is really reading this and if you are, there is not much to read. For all the people who have randomly stumbled here, here is a new page. It was not so bad creating a new page, honestly, static site generators have gotten so many bells and whistles that sometimes simple stuff takes more steps than it should. I have to redo a few landing pages including the Quantierra site and this site is a great way to try out new things.

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In my career, I have founded, advised and invested in a bunch of companies. The biggest and most current is Quantierra. Quantierra is a company that helps investors and developers source commercial and investment real estate, both on and off market, using our platform and algorithms. Quantierra collects a lot of data, both public and private and then cleans it and analyzes it in order to find the ideal deals for our customers. Quantierra figures out how likely someone is willing to transact, at what price, and what timeline. As the customer works with us more and more, our system can improve and learn more about what works and does not work for them. This knowledges allows us to prioritize deals for them that have a higher likelihood to transact. I have spent the past 7 years working on Quantierra with some great cofounders and team members. We have been making great progress. Unfortunately, we do not get to share a lot of our customers’ successes. There are times that a deal is publicly announced and here are some (note to self, I need to link to some of the deals). But a lot of our clients do value their privacy and our discretion, which is a reason for them to work with Quantierra. That being said, we have done some projects using our system publicly. The New York Times published an analysis of the zoning codewith the data from Quantierra’s system put together by Sandip Trivedi and Stephen Smith. The article was referenced in a bunch of places. Such as this article. I do or do not endorse them the article itself, I am sharing because they are referencing us in their article. All in all, Quantierra is the most interesting company I have worked on so far.

We have investors as well, such as Y Combinator and Venture Souq and others. A more detailed list of our great investors are on profiles on Crunchbase, Angel List and Pitchbook.

I should probably create a separate page for detailed information about Quantierra the company.

I have many other companies I will talk about, again, whenever I get the time and space to do it. I have listed out companies I am involved with on Linkedin, Crunchbase, Angel List, F6S and others. The code to a lot of my projects are on my Github profile.

If you have any questions or anything, feel free to DM on Twitter.