Sandip Trivedi - NYC based Cofounder at Quantierra

Since no one is really going to read this page, I’m just going to write it out simply and quickly, and then I can come back to it and clean it up when I’m done. If you have somehow found this page, randomly since I have no idea how else, this is a new page created using a static site generator. It was a lot more steps to create a a simple page then I am used to, but I think that I can use this to create a few landing pages (I should make some for the Quantierra site.

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Throughout the years, I have built a few products, some have been successful and some (a lot) have not, some I have been able to make profitable and others remained an experiment. The current product I am working on is for my startup called Quantierra. The goal of Quantierra is to help investors source investment and commercial real estate. The process that Quantierra determines what properties, both on and off the market, are a good fit for the clients is to use the internal platform. The UI of the product itself is straightforward, but what makes it interesting is the data collection, cleaning, and analysis and the team members of Quantierra use it. The platform that Quantierra uses collects data from dozens of sources (with more being added everyday) daily. This data is usually unstructured and messy so the next step the platform does for Quantierra is to cleanup the data by removing or correcting any errors and so forth. After that, Quantierra needs the data structured so the platform has a process to normalize the data. Finally, the data has to be able to be connect to all the other data sources that Quantierra uses, so the platform then connects to other datasources, whether by lot or other features. Since the platform is currently internal to Quantierra, there is not much out there to share. But we have used Quantierra’s platform to do some projects. Using the platform, Quantierra was able to provide some data to a New York Times piece on the zoning code put together by Sandip Trivedi and Stephen Smith.

There are many great investors that have supported the development of this platform and Quantierra. Y Combinator and Venture Souq and many others. There are other places that have a more detailed list of our investors like Crunchbase, Angel List and Pitchbook.

I need to make a new page to go into more detail about the platform Quantierra uses..

I should write about other products I have worked on when I have some time.. I have liste out some onLinkedin, Crunchbase, Angel List, F6S and others. The code to a lot of my projects are on my Github profile.

If you have any questions or anything, feel free to DM on Twitter.